Identity Verification

GEMUL is a fintech company that offers а modern fiat to crypto exchange infrastructure to deliver а top-notch user experience. The company is EU-based and holds a license for providing a virtual currency service, in particular exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency, virtual currency wallet service, exchanging a virtual currency against a virtual currency. GEMUL has PCI DSS Level 2 certification.

The management Team of GEMUL has an impressive longstanding experience in distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, cyber-security, finance, banking, credit card processing, cryptocurrency market and e-commerce services. It helps us to satisfy the most challenging client needs.

Lightning fast KYC

Leveraging innovative AI technologies we have managed to reduce human interaction by automating the KYC/AML procedure. As a result, the process became more fast, simple, and convenient.

Friendly compliance

In some cases, manual verification is required. For these occasions, we have a friendly certified compliance officer on board. You can be absolutely sure our dedicated team is making every effort to deliver the best user experience ever.

We all know how cumbersome manual
identity verification is. By delivering a
client-oriented service, GEMUL ensures
that the identity verification procedure
does not exceed 5 minutes

Identity Verification

GEMUL applies zero tolerance to fraud. To reach the objective and to preserve the credibility of the Company, we appeal to anti-fraud preventive measures.

Firstly, our AI is constantly training on large volumes of streaming transactions to automatically distinguish legitimate and fraudulent behaviors while adapting over time to new, previously unseen fraud schemes. The dedicated tool ensures the shielded checkout experience.

Secondly, GEMUL holds PCI DSS Level 2 certification to secure the credit card information of our clients.

Thirdly, the implementation of 3D Secure 2.0 creates an authentication data connection between GEMUL, VISA and MasterCard, and financial institutions to be able to analyze and share more intelligence about transactions. The protocol helps to verify the transaction and the identity of the consumer legitimately, accurately, and at lightning speed.